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The Lost Book of Remedies™ - All Medicinal Plans and Lost Cures of North America

Why do pharmaceutical drugs prove so dis-satisfactory in dealing with ongoing health issues? Well, it all boils down to the approach taken. Conventional medical experts are taught to analyze the symptoms before making a diagnosis and prescribing the medication.

Unfortunately, though, in most cases, symptoms only tell a small part of the story. The Lost Book of Remedies™ program is designed with this observation in mind. The only way to address your health concerns is by dealing with the root cause of the problem rather than analyzing the isolated symptoms of it.

What Is So Unique About the Lost Book of Remedies™? Review

The Lost Book of Remedies™ is an encyclopedia of naturopathic medicine. As you might be aware, naturopathic medicine is a branch of functional medicine born out of the need to understand how different body systems and organs in our bodies work and relate.

Ultimately, naturopath practitioners use this understanding to determine the root cause of one’s symptoms. In other words, unlike in conventional situations where your doctor focus more on naming the condition, naturopath experts focus more on identifying what your body needs to be healthy. That’s what ultimately makes this program so unique.

How It Works?

First off, this is a book that’s available both as an eBook and as a physical book. Within it are multiple natural remedies discussed. What’s more? The system doesn’t just focus on healing existing conditions but also in preventing any opportunistic ailments in your life. In a nutshell, this is a program meant to help you stay healthier overall.

Inside the proprietary systems are HD photos of different plants and herbs. Some of these are probably already available growing in your backyard. Others are readily available at your local grocery. Ultimately, the high-quality photos within this guide are meant to help you identify the right plants and herbs from their look-alikes.

Besides that, this guide contains detailed recipes on how to prepare different concoctions and extract. Indeed, all the crucial details from how long to prepare, what temperature levels to use, which parts to avoid are discussed within this guide.

It would, therefore, be correct to mention that this is a plug-and-play kind of system. You only need to get it, look up the condition you might be suffering from, get the right ingredients and make your remedy. And because you can control the whole process, you get the power to ensure that only what your body needs is used.

Examples of Remedies Included In This Program

There’s a pretty long list of remedies included within this program and may not discuss each one of them in this review. But just to give you a quick outlook, some three examples of naturopath cures in this guide include:

Treatment and Painkiller for Wounds.
Also known as the Angry Bear Paw, this Native American plant has been used from time immemorial to treat wounds. The good thing with this easy-to-identify plant is that it boasts powerful painkilling benefits. You only need to place a small vial of this extract on your lips to kill the pain.

Also known as the wild lettuce, this plant produces a milky substance which is highly potent. Simply grind and boil the leaves to release a brownish concoction which you can then heat for 3 hours on low heat. The thick paste left behind can always be dried to produce an extract known as the Angry Bear Paw.

Dealing with Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria.
Have you been surviving on antibiotics for almost your entire life? With close to half a million Americans suffering from opportunistic infections every year, it’s saddening to note that 50,000 of them end up losing their lives. Yet a majority of the conditions they suffer from can be dealt with through natural remedies.

In the case of the Lost Book of Remedy, the highlighted natural remedy for managing Staphylococcus Aureus is the Log Man’s Mending Fur a.k.a Brandy or the Old Man’s Beard. This is a pretty common plant that hangs down dead tree branches.

What most people won’t tell you is that this plant contains a substance known as usnic acid. This works better than most antibiotics especially if mixed with vodka and heated on low heat.

Managing High Blood Pressure.
While it’s true that there’s no quick fix for dealing with high blood pressure, the sad truth is that most of the recommended conventional medicines tend to affect the liver in the long-run. To make matters worse, you’d have to take these bitter pills for the rest of your life – or at least that’s what the Big Pharma would like you to do.

Enter the Red Beak powder, a remedy obtained from the Hawthorn tree berries. You only need to gather them, remove the seeds and blend them with water. Place the paste in a drier for 8 hours and you’ll have an extract that you can take orally to unclog your blood vessels.

And There’s More

As we mentioned, it’s not possible to sum up each of the remedies included in this unique program in a few paragraphs. All you need to keep in mind is that most of the plants, herbs, and weeds discussed here are readily available. You don’t need to be a pro to identify them.

  • The high-quality photos included here will help you easily identify them.
  • There are clear directions provided on how to use these powerful medicines.
  • These plants have been used since time immemorial.

Does It Include Any Free Bonuses?

Yes, other than the main program which you’ll agree is a library of information, the Lost Book of Remedies™ comes with two extra bonuses.

BONUS #1: SHTF Medicinal Garden

It be nice if you could walk out into your backyard and find the medicine you need growing right there, ready to be picked and used to treat someone in your family who is ill or injured.

BONUS #2: Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook

The brief guide to survival medicine including the methods, tricks and process for every step.

About The Author

The program was authored by the grandfather to Claude Davis. Claude, however, is the one who took the initiative of publishing and popularizing it. His grandfather was raised in a Native American settlement and took part in some of the greatest battles that defined present-day America.

It’s through such demanding experiences that the grandpa learned of different natural remedies.

Final Thoughts

The Lost Book of Remedies™ is a program we’d recommend for each and every household in the world. It’s rich in information and can help you avoid the side effects typical of conventional medicine. Want to live a longer, happier, and healthier life?

We’d recommend taking advantage of this opportunity by investing in a copy of this guide.

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